5 Things I’m Horrible With At Being A Mom

Adore too much: This is a hard one for me. Trying not to gloat about how cute Ethan is. I know most parents know their baby is cute but Ethan! He is what perfection looks like in a baby. His morning smiles, his little baby coos and laughs. Ethan is the most happiest baby I've... Continue Reading →

Not So Much Breastfeeding Journal

I've always struggled when it came to producing breast milk. It was hard! I knew I wanted to be a breastfeeding mama but the struggle was real. Delivering early, I wasn't prepared and I didn't do enough research. I didn't know how much effort was put into the simple task. You see mothers all around you having no... Continue Reading →

First Outdoor Adventures

We are learning that Ethan loves to be outdoors and watch the world. Whether we are in the back yard, going for a walk or out in the woods; he loves it. Which also means that he loves to go camping and hunting. Ethan is definitely our kiddo. (Joel and I's first date was to the Idaho mountains.) Since Ethan... Continue Reading →

Not a baby anymore

My sweet little boy has officially became a big boy and is now sleeping in his crib!!! At 6.8 months old, Ethan has finally started getting really good at being able to roll over from front to back and back to front. Which means that he is no longer allowed to sleep in his bassinet. I've been worried... Continue Reading →

Wave of light 

When I was 18 years old I found out I was pregnant. It was a few months after graduating high school and I was about to start my journey in college. I was newly single, scared, and not ready to be a mom. I had finally found my way in life and ready to jump... Continue Reading →

Feeling helpless 

From birth when Ethan’s feeding would be increased every few days, he would have one little spit up here and there never being more than a few milliliters each time. We were always told it was thought to be from the increase in food and his body adjusting, reflux or irritation from the mixed formulas... Continue Reading →

Pumpkins Galore

This week we took Ethan to his first pumpkin patch to celebrate turning 6 months old! It was a mild northwest cloudy day with spurts of sunshine and sprinkles of rain droplets. It was a perfect beautiful day to be at Maris Farm with the smell of food, pumpkins lined up in the field, hayrides going, the... Continue Reading →

A cousin is born

When I got the news that my sister was at the hospital going into labor with her sweet baby girl, I told myself that I could wait until the weekend to travel so I wouldn't be traveling alone with Ethan. I tried really hard to force myself to wait but I just couldn't. Apparently the phrase,... Continue Reading →

Our first touch

Nothing hurts a mother more than seeing her tiny brand new baby be taken away. Especially before I got a chance to hold or kiss my sweet baby. As I laid there on the table unable to move while the doctors spent another 30 minutes repairing the damage that was done to my body, I... Continue Reading →

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