Snow Days

Our first snow fall was November 6th 2017. We woke up to a few inches of snow and we couldn't be more excited. It meant we get to go play. My husband and I normally love the first snow fall of the winter. We always end up somewhere off in the neighboring mountains off roading... Continue Reading →

We went to the fair…months ago.

Better late than never, right? Any who, this is the story of Ethan first time at the Washington State Fair. To start it all off, I have become a protective mother with Ethan. You know, since he is was preemie and all. So I checked the weather like one does when you are about to... Continue Reading →

Baby in a Pumpkin

Everyone was trying the new thing of putting your baby inside of a pumpkin to take cute pictures. Well here is our take on that trend. 1. Carving pumpkin for baby to sit in        Choose a design for the cut so your baby won't get hurt         Squiggly lines work... Continue Reading →

First Outdoor Adventures

We are learning that Ethan loves to be outdoors and watch the world. Whether we are in the back yard, going for a walk or out in the woods; he loves it. Which also means that he loves to go camping and hunting. Ethan is definitely our kiddo. (Joel and I's first date was to the Idaho mountains.) Since Ethan... Continue Reading →

Pumpkins Galore

This week we took Ethan to his first pumpkin patch to celebrate turning 6 months old! It was a mild northwest cloudy day with spurts of sunshine and sprinkles of rain droplets. It was a perfect beautiful day to be at Maris Farm with the smell of food, pumpkins lined up in the field, hayrides going, the... Continue Reading →

A cousin is born

When I got the news that my sister was at the hospital going into labor with her sweet baby girl, I told myself that I could wait until the weekend to travel so I wouldn't be traveling alone with Ethan. I tried really hard to force myself to wait but I just couldn't. Apparently the phrase,... Continue Reading →

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