Snow Days

Our first snow fall was November 6th 2017. We woke up to a few inches of snow and we couldn’t be more excited. It meant we get to go play. My husband and I normally love the first snow fall of the winter. We always end up somewhere off in the neighboring mountains off roading and getting lost in the winding forest roads. But this year was going to be even more thrilling because we have a baby who gets to experience it all for the very first time. The first reaction of the cold hitting his face, the never ending vastness of white in the openings of the trees, and the look of confusion and awe as your little boys face gets sprinkled with snow. It’s that magical time of the year.

On our first snowy day, Joel and I loaded up Ethan in the Rebel and planned on just driving down the road to a trail where we normally go hunting. But once we got to the trail, we were way to close to home and I wanted to continue to Mt. Rainier. Our home away from home. On our way there the traffic was stopped at a curve in the road which forced us to turn around and head north. Where we finally ended up driving another hour down the road and finding ourselves driving up a snowy side road on the edge of a mountain.

Once we were far enough away from any passerby; we pulled over, got Ethan dressed in his many layers of winter gear and walked the rest of the way up the road we were on. It didn’t take us long to find a stream and an untouched path. We kept our hike short since we weren’t sure how Ethan would handle the cold and didn’t want to stray too far from the truck

As for Ethan, I’m sure he was so confused the whole trip. He was constantly watching our every move and looking at us for reassurance. Even when we laid him in the snow, he wanted to be held. It wasn’t until we got back into the truck that he was starting to open up and smile his great big smiles.

Since then, Ethan has experienced the snow a whooping 2 more times: Christmas weekend and New Year’s weekend. He isn’t sure still how to handle the snow. Well, it could also be all the layers of clothing we put on him to stay warm. Haha! Hopefully by the time next years snow comes, he will be more excited to play in it.

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