Baby in a Pumpkin

Everyone was trying the new thing of putting your baby inside of a pumpkin to take cute pictures. Well here is our take on that trend.

1. Carving pumpkin for baby to sit in
       Choose a design for the cut so your baby won’t get hurt 
       Squiggly lines work best 
2. Choosing a ray of pumpkins for your display 
3. Choose how to decorate them
4. Choose what you want to write
       First Halloween
5. Get decorations
       I used most of the items we had from our wedding and my older sons previous decorations 
6. Choose where to have the picture taken
        Remember your baby will be cold so unless it’s hot outside, choose an Indoor area. 
              In front of the fire-place
7. Plan on when you are going to do your photo shoot 
        When your baby is wake and most happy 
8. Taking the photo 
        Wish for the best 
       Get camera ready
       Limited time once baby is in the pumpkin
       Get help putting baby in the pumpkin 
             May need to put a thin blanket inside the pumpkin or warm the pumpkin up before placing baby in. 
       Quickly take as many pictures as you can before baby starts to scream. Also use secondary person to get baby’s attention and get them to smile. 
      Have baby’s favorite toy waiting for them to calm them after.


Step 1: Throw out plans

Step 2: Make new plans

Step 3: Execute plans

We attempted the original plans for the picture inside the pumpkin but it didn’t turn out as we planned. The lighting was all wrong, Ethan was not happy being inside something cold and hard, and everything else didn’t fall into place.

Instead, I waited until it was a nice day outside, put Ethan into his Halloween costume and captured the most adorable smile this little boy has.

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