First Outdoor Adventures

We are learning that Ethan loves to be outdoors and watch the world. Whether we are in the back yard, going for a walk or out in the woods; he loves it. Which also means that he loves to go camping and hunting. Ethan is definitely our kiddo. (Joel and I’s first date was to the Idaho mountains.) Since Ethan has been home from the hospital, we have gone on two camping trips: Ocean Shores, WA and my family reunion in Entiat, WA. We are also learning that Ethan will sleep through everything that you wish to have him experience.

Technically our camping trip to Ocean Shores wasn’t full on camping since we were able to spend most of the time inside my dads cousins house to hang out, eat dinner, and watch movies. It was a relaxing trip with no worries or issues. It was “Bikers at the Beach weekend” with hundreds of bikers and people visiting the area. Including multiple family members. We decided to go the day after everyone else left so we were warned to bring warm clothes and expect it to be really cold and windy. What my family didn’t tell us was that it was going to be nice during the day but in the evenings and nights, thats when it gets colder. We spent most of the first day there exploring the town and walking the beaches sweating our butts off. Our 15 minute walk along the water turned into a my husband and I getting sun burned. We took little man to the beach three times and all three times he was asleep. I even waited for him to wake up and we’d rush to the beach, start walking and within a few feet he would be passed out. I was bummed because I really wanted Ethan to see everything, even though I know he’s to young to comprehend what it was and remember. I just wanted to experience seeing Ethan take it all in. For his first time sleeping in the camper, he did very well especially since he was sleeping on the bed with us and not in his normal bassinet. Once we got him to sleep he stayed asleep, which was the start of him sleeping through the night. Yay! This was definitely a big win for our parenting skills.

Our second camping trip was the complete opposite. It was real camping with three days and two nights of out door fun. No power and spent most of it outside the camper. We weren’t expecting to stay the whole weekend because the temperature was in the high nineties all weekend, we would be outside with no AC, and we didn’t know how Ethan would handle the heat. Plus, we were worried about the nearby fires affecting little mans breathing but he didn’t seem to be phased by any of our worries at all.

The first hour we were there, the temperature was almost to hundred degrees. I had to strip Ethan down to his diaper and we hung out by the river that runs through the back of the property we were on. The one thing he wasn’t a big fan of the whole weekend was going into the river water but that was the only way I could cool him off when we first arrived. He has only experienced a couple ninety degree days and all of them were inside our house with the AC turned on. He was starting to get heat rash. The one dip in the water was all it took for him to cool off for the rest of the weekend. I don’t think he liked experiencing that and made sure it didn’t happen again. My sister and I spent most of that day just hung out lounging in the grass visiting with baby Miriyah and Ethan taking turns holding them and feeding them.

Since it was at the end of the hot August month with a burn ban, my dad brought a propane heater for us to use as our camp fire. He originally brought it because we were told that Ethan can’t be around camp fires because of his congestion issues, so it worked out perfectly. We all sat around together by the propane heater and caught up with each other. This is my favorite part being by a camp fire and listening to your family swap stories from the good ole days.  Ethan loved it too. He sat on grandpas lap watching everyone talking and moving around. He loves listening to others talking and he loved looking at the burner.

Our last full day there my parents along with my brothers family, my sisters family, and us went to Lake Chelan for lunch. It was a packed mad house for it being Labor Day weekend. We all walked along the cute little shops and restaurants, watched some guy drive his camper into a building and walked along the water. Yes! Some guy drove his camper into a restricted area, tried pulling into a parking lot with a restaurant on a balcony and bam! He smashed in the top of his camper just feet below where there were people enjoying their meals over looking the water.

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