Not a baby anymore

My sweet little boy has officially became a big boy and is now sleeping in his crib!!! At 6.8 months old, Ethan has finally started getting really good at being able to roll over from front to back and back to front. Which means that he is no longer allowed to sleep in his bassinet. I’ve been worried about laying him in his crib since we’ve always been told by doctors and dietitians that he needs to be sleeping with an incline and be held upright due to his reflex issue. Then after months of being told we should go see a Gastrointestinal doctor, we finally received word that we were in and had a appointment. I brought up to him about requesting an wedge pillow for Ethan to sleep on at night. He told me something that I’ve never heard anyone else say before. “I don’t recommend them at all. They aren’t safe, the baby never stays on them and just roll to the bottom and they don’t even work. So it would be a waste of money. You’re better off with us adjusting his reflex medicine and lay him down flat in his crib.” Seriously, that’s what he told me. I was excited to get news that Ethan can sleep flat in his bed but weirded out because I’ve heard other doctors and friends/family say that they have always been told to use a wedge.
That night it only took 2 hours, 3 tries, and countless crying fits but we did it! His first night was great after he finally fell asleep at about 1230 A.M.. Luckily for us, Ethan had slept through the night for about a month or so at this point. I was hoping that with the change in his bed and sleeping in a different room it wouldn’t disrupt his routine. He slept until 730 only to wake up for a bottle and went back to bed. Which wasn’t bad considering that before he would go to sleep about 11 P.M. and wake up around 9 to 10 A.M..  
After a week of big boy sleeping, Ethan has been doing amazing except for one thing: he keeps trying to stay awake later and later every night. No matter what time I start his nightly routine for bed, he pushes himself to stay awake. Even sometimes until 1 A.M.. Oh, and he started to do the lovely “I’m passed out until mommy lays me in bed and then pop open the eyes go.” bit. Then there goes another 20 minutes for me to rock him back to sleep and then spend 5 more minutes debating if I can finally lay him back down or wait so I don’t have to start the whole process over again.
As hard as some night get, it’s so amazing to watch him sleep at night. He’s so peaceful and I love listening to his small breaths while he’s fast asleep. 7 months feels like a life time ago. I never thought we’d be where we are tonight and getting the chance to see our sweet boy grow and watch him learn every day.

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