Pumpkins Galore

This week we took Ethan to his first pumpkin patch to celebrate turning 6 months old! It was a mild northwest cloudy day with spurts of sunshine and sprinkles of rain droplets. It was a perfect beautiful day to be at Maris Farm with the smell of food, pumpkins lined up in the field, hayrides going, the corn maze a perfect mix of greens and yellows and the place bustling with kids. Everything was covered in a thin layer of water drops. This is my favorite place to be this time of year and enjoy making memories with my little family. 

We enjoyed the mud but the rocky pathways were becoming a bothersome for Ethan while in his stroller. The look on his poor little face and the tightening of his body really showed his displeasure with the ride. Not to mention his stroller kept getting stuck in the pumpkin patch on the rocks, clumps of dirt and the dried up vines. It was time for me to carry Ethan through the pumpkin patch and let him see what we were doing because for once he was awake while we were doing something! I was so happy. Ethan on the other hand was so confused and really didnt care. I attempted to get pictures of Ethan in the pumpkin patch but he wasn’t having it. He kept closing his eyes because it was bright and the rain started to sprinkle on him. Luckily, (also for the first time) I remembered to bring my umbrella. Unfortunately, that didn’t help. For Ethan loving the outdoors, he sure can’t get used to the brightness of it.

While picking pumpkins, I pondered which one we should pick for Ethans big brother. I looked for the smallest pumpkin while standing in the middle of the patch. My husband started to question my thoughts because apparently my face was giving that, “Hmmm, I wonder.” look. After telling him he came up with the idea to get a medium sized pumpkin since Landon would be 9 years old. My reply, “Well in that case, we need to get the biggest pumpkin there is!” Laughing, Joel agreed and we started the hunt. Dead straight in front of me 3 rows deep, there it was. The biggest, roundest, perfect pumpkin we could find. As we were heading out of the patch, within about 2 minutes of us picking Landons pumpkin, we walked past a family with a little boy about Landons age. All we heard was the moms reply with, “We don’t need the biggest pumpkin here.” Joel and I started laughing so hard. Did I call it or what?

After getting home, Joel’s parents came to visit, have dinner and spend time with their little love bug. It was the perfect way to end the perfect day for our little man.

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