A cousin is born

When I got the news that my sister was at the hospital going into labor with her sweet baby girl, I told myself that I could wait until the weekend to travel so I wouldn’t be traveling alone with Ethan. I tried really hard to force myself to wait but I just couldn’t. Apparently the phrase, “Packing quickly” doesn’t mean what you think it means when you have a baby. I’m packing for two and one of those is for a baby who throws up on everything, so the need to pack everything is a requirement. Plus, I was going without the hubby. I packed Ethan’s swing, his bassinet, a tub full of clothes, blankets, spit up rags, and blankets. Then to top it all off, half way through packing we had to unpack the baby formula because a certain someone got hungry right before leaving.

Driving over to Spokane by myself with a baby seemed like a crazy idea. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I was hoping I was prepared. Remarkably, he did pretty well. I just turned on country music and we were off. Ethan slept for the most part, only needing to stop twice. The first time I knew I needed to wake him up 3 hours into the trip, I was not going to deal with a screaming hungry baby on the freeway for 30 miles until the next rest stop. The second stop was because there was screaming baby driving down the freeway for 20 miles, Poor guy had to wait 20 minutes until we reached the closest pull off. That’s when I learned she was starting to push. It was happening and I wasn’t even there. I wasn’t going to make it. Which was also the opportune time for Ethan to throw up all over himself requiring an outfit change. At this time the GPS said I was 11 minutes away from the hospital. I was hell bent on getting there.

Finally made it to the hospital and parked my car when I received a text saying, “Baby girl is here!” with a picture of my beautiful pink baby niece, Miriyah. I was literally outside in the street loading Ethan into his stroller! We missed it by 5 minutes! Since it’s been 10 years since the last time I was in this area of the hospital, of course I got lost and had to be escorted to the proper hallway. Walking into that delivery room and seeing my sister Alisha on the table with my baby niece getting check out by the doctors, I lost it! I ran to my sister’s side crying and holding her. Being pregnant at the same time as my sister has really brought us closer than ever before and I can’t help but wonder how close our babies will be. Plus, the crazy thing about being in the hospital with Ethan was he looked like he was home. Since spending 66 days in the NICU, he was used to the hospital smells and sounds. We stayed there until 11 pm and he loved it there.

We spent the week with my family and friends. Spending as much time as I could with baby Miriyah. We visited Ethan’s big brother at the cemetery, watched sports with grandpa on the back porch, spent the day at the lake with everyone. Ethan got to meet a lot of new family members who loved seeing him. Ethan had a blast and loved every second of it. I’ve heard that babies have a hard time sleeping when they are in new places. Not Ethan, this little boy can sleep anywhere and time, which was a blessing for me. Being back in Spokane with it just being Ethan and I really showed me how it would be like to be a single mother. Yes we were surrounded by family, but every night it was me taking care of him.  There was no Joel to rescue me when I was dead tired at 3 am to help feed. Experiencing this, and knowing how hard it is makes me appreciate all that my husband does for us on a daily bases.

Driving home was a breeze, we made it back home in 4.5 hours and Ethan slept pretty much the whole way home. I was exhausted from the week, and just wanted to get home so I didn’t wake him this time to feed him. As long as the vehicle is moving, Ethan will sleep. He finally woke up and started to cry getting onto Hwy 18 because the interchange from I-90 to Hwy 18 is horrible and took about 20 minutes to get through, but once we got going he fell back asleep only to wake up getting onto Hwy 410. Then he screamed the rest of the way home. Little stinker was so happy once I took him out of his car seat. I figured he was starving and felt so bad because I waited the extra 20 minutes until we got home to feed him. But nope! He just wanted to see me and play.

I love going back home and spending time with my family and friends. It was good to visit but it felt great being home again.

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